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Jessica Hodges

Jessica Hodges


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Areas of Expertise: Jessica enjoys working with a variety of people from teenagers, to men and women who want to enjoy more out of life and feel more comfortable in their own skin. Specialties include Weight Loss & Lifestyle Change, Nutrition Education and Approach, Strengthening & Building a Booty, Pre & Post Rehabilitation, Toning & Shaping, Function First Pain Free Movement Specialist and Bowling Conditioning.

Certifications: ACEⓇ Certified Personal Trainer, ACEⓇ Certified Weight Management Specialist, ACEⓇ Certified Function First Pain Free Movement Specialist, ZumbaⓇ Basic 1, ZumbaⓇ Basic 2, ZumbaⓇ Core

Philosophy: Jessica originally pursued ZumbaⓇ to lose her post pregnancy weight. She was 25 pounds heavier and unhappy with where she was physically. After a year went by, Jessica took steps to better her health and become more active. With ZumbaⓇ, family support and making healthier choices more often over time... Jessica lost all her weight and achieved more than what she sought after: Energy, Strength, Tone, Friendships, Confidence, Flexibility, Endurance... and most of all Physical Health. The best part was that she had FUN while doing it! Jessica hopes to share her knowledge of health and teach fitness with others to help them achieve their goals because Yes. You. Can. Do. It. #AllEffortsCount #LiveToBeHealthy

Jess Sens

Jess Sens

Massage Therapist & Personal Trainer

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Areas of Expertise: Jess Sens has a thriving interest in helping people reach their health, fitness and healing goals. Using a holistic approach, she works with each client on an individual basis as a Personal Trainer and Licensed Massage Therapist. When you team up with Jess, she provides you with a Training Program to achieve your goals, as well as approaches to properly recover. Jess has worked alongside Doctors of Chiropractic Care, Neuro-Therapists, Sports Trainers and more. Providing multiple modalities such as: Myofascial Release, Neuromuscular Re-Education, Sports Massage, Pre and Post-Surgical Massage, Trigger Point Therapy and Reflexology.

Certifications: ISSAⓇ Certified Personal Trainer, Plant Based Nutrition-Ecornell, LMT - Florida School of Massage

Philosophy: Jess has been in the fitness industry the last 9 years and lost over 100lbs on her weight loss journey. Now she wants to help others do the same. Her passion is to help people change their lives in the simplest and most realistic way possible. Jess believes that everyone deserves the right to good health and to be happy with themselves inside and out.

Maddie Kennedy

Certified Personal Trainer

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Maddie has always grown up in an active lifestyle starting out by playing soccer for sixteen years. This was a very high intensity sport that required a lot of endurance also known as cardio. Never lifting weights and being a cardio junkie for so long made it hard for her to gain weight. When covid hit in 2019, she had recently graduated from Kentucky Wesleyan College where she played soccer. This stopped most daily activities where she ended up gaining around 30 lbs. Maddie wasn’t happy with this unhealthy lifestyle so, she decided to get in the gym and make a change in her day-to-day life. This is when she began to focus on weight training. She fell back in love with the process and the journey made her realize what she wanted to do with her lifelong term. Her goal is to help others fall in love the same way she did by creating a healthier and stronger lifestyle along with becoming more confident and happier with themselves, inside and out.

Start today, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Email: maddiekennedeyfit@gmail.com

Facebook: Maddie Kennedy Fit

Instagram: @MaddieKennedyy

Phone: (912) 257-2656

SPECIALIZING IN: Strength Training (Muscle Growth) + Body Recomposition, + Weight Loss + Lifestyle Change +

TARGET AUDIENCE: Teens + Women + Men

CERTIFICATION: ISSA Certified Personal Trainer

IN-PROGRESS: ISSA Certified in Strength and Conditioning & Nutritionist