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Jessica Hodges

Jessica Hodges


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Areas of Expertise: Jessica enjoys working with a variety of people from teenagers, to men and women who want to enjoy more out of life and feel more comfortable in their own skin. Specialties include Weight Loss & Lifestyle Change, Nutrition Education and Approach, Strengthening & Building a Booty, Pre & Post Rehabilitation, Toning & Shaping, Function First Pain Free Movement Specialist and Bowling Conditioning.

Certifications: ACEⓇ Certified Personal Trainer, ACEⓇ Certified Weight Management Specialist, ACEⓇ Certified Function First Pain Free Movement Specialist, ZumbaⓇ Basic 1, ZumbaⓇ Basic 2, ZumbaⓇ Core

Philosophy: Jessica originally pursued ZumbaⓇ to lose her post pregnancy weight. She was 25 pounds heavier and unhappy with where she was physically. After a year went by, Jessica took steps to better her health and become more active. With ZumbaⓇ, family support and making healthier choices more often over time... Jessica lost all her weight and achieved more than what she sought after: Energy, Strength, Tone, Friendships, Confidence, Flexibility, Endurance... and most of all Physical Health. The best part was that she had FUN while doing it! Jessica hopes to share her knowledge of health and teach fitness with others to help them achieve their goals because
Yes. You. Can. Do. It. #AllEffortsCount #LiveToBeHealthy

Dustin Bunch

Dustin Bunch

ACE Personal Trainer

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Hello, My name is Dustin Bunch, I am very passionate about health and wellness. I know what it has done for me in my life and I am blessed to have the opportunity to share that with the world. I am a firm believer that movement is medicine. It's so much more than just exercise. Our bodies were designed to move. Fitness carries over not just physically, but mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. It truly is, in my opinion, the best form of therapy there is. I consider it the fountain of youth.

Education: American Council on Exercise (ACE Certified since 2017. NCCA-accredited. Degree in Exercise Science. First Aid & CPR Certified. I am obsessed with learning, have a passion for movement and I always strive to help others.

Job Experience: 8+ years including but not limited to; Wellness coordinator, group fitness, fitness management, fitness classes, Personal training, health and nutrition seminars & programming, gym management, sports training.

Specialize in the following:
Strength Training
Injury Resilience
Youth Speed & agility
Military readiness


Lacey Christ

Lacey Christ

Personal Trainer and Integrative Nutrition Specialist

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As a certified personal trainer through the International Sports Science Association (ISSA) I will put my passion for functional and holistic health to work and together, we'll use a balance of clean nutrition, and exercise to achieve your goals!

Once I changed the trajectory of my own health by losing nearly 70 pounds and transforming my body through consistent and sustainable practices, I had a fire in my belly, and my desire to help others do the same, grew!

Support and education is a cornerstone that we will use to help you achieve
your goals!

I first put my passion to work as I began making changes within my own family. My love of education led me to spending the last 12 years homeschooling our four boys, as well as venturing out into our community to educate our youth, not just through academics, but also through high school health and nutrition courses, and PE classes for kids of all ages! I even have a KidFit class that I started and lead!

My passion for education is not only directed towards my clients but also for my own self improvement and growth. Continuing and expanding my education is very important to me. I'm currently actively pursuing additional certifications through ISSAⓇ as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach, Certified Running Coach, and Certified Nutritionist.

My motto is make YOUR health YOUR habit! As a high energy, motivated, passionate and enthusiastic person, I say It's time to GET POSITIVE, GET MOVING, and let's GET STRONG!