There will be no classes Fall Break, Spring Break or Major Holidays. Any changes or cancellations to these classes will be posted on this group page:

Spicy Zumba®
Spicy Zumba® is a mixture of Cultural Dances from all around the world and Core Fitness moves mixed with Latin Fusion Music and Today & Yesterday's Hits that makes you want to groove. It's designed to teach and accommodate "All Fitness Levels". Dance Fitness that is Exercise in Disguise! Great for Cardio, Endurance and Full Body Toning. So...what makes it EXTRA SPICY? We are also incorporating Free Weights, Zumba Toning, Core Focus and More to challenge you in a fun way!

In POUND®, we use lightly-weighted drumsticks, known as Ripstix®, to drum to the rhythm of the music. The drumming is done alongside movements inspired by Yoga and Pilates. What's the result? You get a full-body workout that combines strength training, conditioning and cardio. Some of the time you'll be standing up and other times on your mat on the floor. Wherever you are...Get Ready To Rock!

Power Core
Power Core is a strengthening class for your Abs, Obliques, Glutes and more. The approach is designed to accommodate all fitness levels from Beginners to Advanced. After warming up, we will begin working your core. With a combination of standing and mat based routines. We will be using light weights and body weights to create stability and control. This will be followed by working a different muscle group each week. We will end our hour with a cool down and stretch. Modifications are always an option and assistance is provided for support and understanding.

Kickboxing AMPED
Kickboxing AMPED will help you develop your cardiovascular fitness, balance, coordination, strength and agility, all while having an uplifting and fun class. You'll learn how to defend yourself and get a great workout! The class will begin with a warmup, followed by a combination of heavy bag work, strength training and core training. The focus for the majority of class is to work your punching and kicking combinations on the heavy bag and to practice for and technique with each other as well.